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Visitor Stories

I received excellent service from the representative who helped me to order the right tefillin for me. I am very pleased.

Rachamin pariente Sao Paulo ,brazil

During a visit to Safed last summer, we visited the amazing visitor center of Otzar Hastam where we learned a lot about the wonderful world of the Sofrim, after the visit we decided it is the right place to buy tefillin for my husband and son.

Rebecca Schechter Livonia Michigan

My youngest son reached the age of 13 so we bought him a pair of tefillin for the bar mitzvah, we got a lovely service from Otzar Hastam Tzfat and a lucrative price 

Simon Abitbul Miami

I purchased the tefillin through the site and received the product in fast delivery to my home, highly recommend

Jona phinkelstien Paris

I really enjoyed the shopping experience through the easy and accessible site

Solomon badishi Baltimore

kleinman Elimelech

We learned a lot and it was a great experience for the kinderlach.

You should have to continue in your mission of teaching all about and the beauty and meaning of the 22 letters


Dear Otzar Hastam

Thank you so much for a wonderful experience!

It was educational and so enjoyable, our group reepresnteds little children, adults and grandparents and all

Were uplifted and felt like they had a much deeper understanding of the "Stam" information.

The multi- faced and interactive activities add so much to our experience.

Thank you so much for allowing us to be a part of it!

Joseph family-London

We came to visit and it was fabulous – we learned so much!


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