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Visitor Center

In the enchanting city of Safed, on Mount Canaan, in a beautiful old building overlooking a breathtaking view, the "Otzar HaSTam" Visitors Center is located.

We invite you to learn, know and get excited. Together we will embark on a fascinating journey following the footsteps of the STam scribes combined with an ethical and educational experience for children and adults alike. The Center demonstrates a variety of advanced audiovisual presentations, which will take you on a fascinating journey that will reveal the mysteries of the Hebrew letters.

Letters of experience

Audiovisual demonstration – moving stage, 3D, hologram and more

On a moving stage, we will embark on a fascinating journey following the footsteps of the STam scribes. We will discover the secrets of the Hebrew letters, starting from the creation of the world to the Giving of the Torah to present times. We will meet a virtual STam scribe from ancient Egypt and see a 3D film showing the production of parchment scrolls, on which the books of Torah, tefillin and mezuzah are written. To complete the experience, we will watch a fascinating video clip on a huge 180-degree screen that will make the audience to join in singing.

Trivia Quiz

Interactive game

What do we know about the Torah scrolls, tefillin and mezuzah?

During this exciting interactive trivia game, we will learn a variety of interesting facts regarding thee STam (Torah scrolls, tefillin and mezuzah). And of course, those answering correctly will win prizes! While playing the game, we will watch 3 exciting films on huge plasma screens and will be impressed by giant prototypes of the tefillin, Torah scroll and a mezuzah, revealing the content within them.

STam Scribe Workshop

Personal experience in STam writing

Would you like to become a STam scribe, even if only for a few moments?

At the STam Scribe Workshop, we will meet a real scribe, become acquainted with his art and ask questions. Afterwards, we will test our writing skills using a quill pen and parchment, which is provided as a gift.

A visit to the Garden of Letters

A trip along the giant letters of the alphabet

In the enchanting garden, we will walk along the giant models of the alphabet letters scattered among the terraces and vegetation of the Land of Israel. A painting on each letter illustrates the eternal values ​​hidden within the alphabet.

Even if you are a group and if you are individuals

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    A unique attraction unlike any other in the world

    A combination of experience and fun and learning / enrichment

    Values and educational content

    Suitable for all age groups

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