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The Scribes’ Institute of “Otzar HaSTam” is leading a worldwide revolution of production of Torah scroll, tefillin and mezuzah

At the summit of the Holy City of Safed, in the clear mountain air, where the Shulchan Aruch and the books of Kabbalah were written, a revolution is slowly taking shape and an innovation in the field of Torah books, tefillin and mezuzah production is being brought to fruition;

A formal and well-organized institute that employs dozens of professional scribes engaged in the craft of writing, spanning all its various types and quality levels, and working in full transparency under close rabbinical supervision with great responsibility:

  • The Scribes’ Institute was founded to employ professional certified religious scribes, who are engaged in the sacred work of writing, seriously and responsibly, at a one-stop shop.
  • The writing is implemented at a high level with the finest and most elegant raw materials, and undergoes inspection and control via the most advanced means with excellent kashrut under the close supervision of a proofreader and Institute's rabbi.

A STam product written at Otzar HaSTam is a product of superb and guaranteed quality.

OK Supervision and kosher certification

The Scribes' Institute is under the supervision of the OK kosher certification agency.

The OK kosher certification agency, based in the United States, oversees thousands of products in complex manufacturing processes worldwide.

Otzar HaSTam – Safed is the only STam production center that is closely supervised by the OK agency.

Each product undergoes a complete, documented and computerized control process from parchment purchase to final kashrut approval of the product.

How Does It Work



The writer writes on the parchment

Computer testing

Scan and testing by special software for checking Stam

Testing by an STAM expert

Our certified proofreader goes through every product and product while checking each letter

Your STAM product

Ritual objects in your home
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Otzar HaSTam - LeMehadrin!

  • All the raw materials for writing, parchment and ink, as well as tefillin and straps are accompanied by a recognized and approved kosher certificate.
  • The writing is carried out by talented and experienced religious scribes with a training certificate ("Acceptance Letter").
  • All STam products are written by the Institute's scribes for the Institute, and no finished products are purchased from other sources.
  • Each product undergoes 2 tests – by a computer software and by a qualified proofreader. All products are kosher in the first place.
  • The Institute's rabbi reviews the scribes’ work on a daily basis and conducts daily lessons to refresh the STam laws.

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